Virtual PhotoHunt

Virtual PhotoHunt is a game anyone, anywhere can play via twitter.

At 9am on a Friday @leedsphotohunt will post a word on twitter. Your task is to take a picture relating to that word. Think laterally, think logically, don't think at all - it's up to you. Photos will be judged on composition and creativity, not technical merit, so feel free to snap away with your cameraphone.

Once you're happy with your picture, email it to (if you're not familiar with uploading to twitter via email, all you need to do is send it to that address, with your tweet in the subject box; making sure to include your twitter name so we know who you are, and it will automatically be tweeted on the @leedsphotohunt feed).

At 7pm we will review the photos and declare a winner!*

if you're unsure, or want to sign up ready for the next hunt, let me know on @leedsphotohunt

Happy hunting!

NB. Please be sensible about your pictures; no full frontals, nothing that will land me in jail. Anything I deem inappropriate will be removed, and my decision is final.
*there's no prize as such, apart from the adoration of twitter.