What is Leeds PhotoHunt?

Leeds PhotoHunt is a simple premise - the idea is to go out in teams and do a scavenger hunt, but instead of coming back with a used lollipop stick and a bus ticket, you'll come back with masses of quirky, interesting photos.

In teams you will be given a list of 50 items to take pictures of, ranging from easy to near-impossible! You can choose if you aim to complete the whole list, or choose a few and work on getting the perfect shot. The more creative and out of the box you think, the better!

You'll get a set amount of time to take your pictures, then we'll meet up and compare. Later there will be an opportunity to choose your favourite pictures and upload them to the blog here for everyone to see.

It's a great opportunity to brush up on your photography skills, meet new people and discover a new side to Leeds.

If you're interested in taking part, please follow @leedsphotohunt on twitter or email leedsphotohunt@gmail.com for details of the next hunt taking place.