Friday, 25 November 2011

South Leeds Photohunt

This Saturday we will be doing a special photohunt around Holbeck. This is a particularly great hunt, as we've got permission to go into some interesting buildings, so it's not to be missed! We'll be meeting at 12noon at St Matthews Community Centre in Holbeck.

It's supported by  Exposure Leeds, Leeds Digital Festival, Health for All and Looking Good Holbeck & Beeston, so there'll be a lot of competition for best photo. As always, photohunt is free, and we even have some cameras you can borrow if you don't have one. So pull on your comfy shoes and come hunting!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Leeds PhotoHunt goes undercover!

Just a quick reminder that PhotoHunt for November (and the rest of the winter) will be indoors. We'll be meeting in The Victoria Pub on Great George Street at 6.30pm, and there will be challenges to complete rather than the usual list of things to hunt. You still only need to bring your camera, and it's still all free (although you might want money for a drink)

Look foward to seeing you there!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Changes to Leeds PhotoHunt

Hey everybody!

We've really enjoyed doing PhotoHunt, and we've got a great group of people coming along. However, the nights are drawing in and so are the rainclouds, and nobody wants to be running around town in the cold and wet. So we're going to have a bit of a changearound over the winter months.

From 7th November, we'll be moving PhotoHunt indoors. It will still be 6.30pm on the first Monday of every month, but we'll meet at The Victoria pub on Great George Street. Each month will have a theme, the first of which will be Portraits. It'll still be focused on fun and playing with your camera rather than technical ability, but it'll be a great opportunity to share tips and try out new things with your camera. And yes, there will still be an awesome prize. We might even splash out on a couple!

We'll also be doing a special PhotoHunt in December on a Saturday to take in all the Christmas excitement, so don't put your comfy shoes to the back of the wardrobe just yet!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Leeds Photohunt: Last of the season!

Monday 3rd October will be the last outdoor photohunt of the year. I'm guessing people aren't going to be wanting to run around in the dark and rain, so we'll be moving inside until spring (although we might do a Christmas special). We'll be having a discussion after the hunt about the changes we'll be making over the winter.

So come along to the Corn Exchange at 6.30pm on 3rd October. Bring your camera and comfy shoes.

Thursday, 11 August 2011


We've been hoofing around town for several months now, but we always meet in an evening. We're aware that this makes it difficult for some people, and isn't all that welcoming to kids and families.

With this in mind, we're creating the first ever leedsphotohunt family day!

On 21st August we'll be meeting outside Leeds City Museum at 1pm, and teams will be given two special hunts - one will be a special themed photohunt, and the other will be clues that you need to solve to take the pictures (you'll probably need a smartphone or a massive brain for this bit)

You can choose which (or both!) photohunt you do, but we're hoping there will be enough of a range that everyone from Grandma to toddler can take part. There won't be a set time limit like normal hunts, so you can take it at your own pace, and upload your results into the flickr group when you're happy with them.

All you need to bring is a camera and comfy shoes, the rest will be completely free!

We're hunting for hunters...

Leedsphotohunt has been going well for a few months now, and we're gaining members all the time...but we're greedy and we want more!

On the next leedsphotohunt we're looking for someone to come along who would like to write up a little what's-it-all-about review to put up on the blog and direct people to who are interested.

If you're interested in coming along and experiencing leedsphotohunt, or if you're a regular hunter who fancies a chance of writing, let me know. I can't pay, but I can buy you a drink and you'll get an awesome prize for being best writer!

Photohunt September

The next leedsphotohunt will take place on 5th September. We'll be meeting on the steps of Leeds City Museum at 6.30pm (aiming to set off at 6.45pm). Bring your camera and comfy shoes, and that's it, because we're completely free and very friendly!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Leeds Photohunt August

The next Leeds Photohunt will be 1st August at 6.30pm, starting on the steps of Leeds Town Hall.

The premise is simple - you get a list of 50 words and go out in teams to take creative pictures. The aim is to stop overthinking and start playing with our cameras. There's also a bonus round where a theme is given, and each individual competes to take the best picture for that theme (there's even a prize!)

Afterwards we all go for a drink and discuss the pictures.

The photohunts have been going for a few months now, and it's growing all the time. If you'd like to come just turn up with your camera, or let me know at - we'd love to have new members!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Virtual Photohunt

For the last few weeks, virtual photohunt has been very wonky. Scheduled posts haven't been posting, posterous (and anything else we've tried) hasn't been allowing other people to upload, and I've not been available to chase round and rally the photographic troops.

So there's going to be a few changes.

Virtual photohunt will still be posted every Friday morning. However, there will now be no time-limit as to how long you get, as there will no longer be a winner. The aim will be to get as creative as you possibly can, just for the sake of it.

As we can't find a reliable way to upload your pictures straight to the @leedsphotohunt twitter feed, please now upload your pictures yourself and use the hashtag #photohunt so other people can see them. If you need help uploading, send a message to @leedsphotohunt and we'll try and talk you through it.

Photos for virtual photohunt are also more than welcome in the flickr group - just search 'leeds photohunt' and you'll see the group.

Thanks for your patience whilst we've been trying to iron out all the difficulties!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Changes to Virtual PhotoHunt


There's been a few problems with uploading pictures for the virtual photohunt each week. So we've changed from yfrog to posterous in the hope that this will solve the problem; and a bonus is that it will collect all the pictures into one posterous account!

So from now on, if you'd like to take part, please email your pictures to and they'll automatically be uploaded to twitter and the posterous page.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Leeds PhotoHunt - 6th June 2011

Monday is the next Leeds PhotoHunt - meet at the Corn Exchange at 6.30pm. All you need is comfy shoes (you'll be hoofing about for an hour!) and your camera!