Friday, 22 July 2011

Virtual Photohunt

For the last few weeks, virtual photohunt has been very wonky. Scheduled posts haven't been posting, posterous (and anything else we've tried) hasn't been allowing other people to upload, and I've not been available to chase round and rally the photographic troops.

So there's going to be a few changes.

Virtual photohunt will still be posted every Friday morning. However, there will now be no time-limit as to how long you get, as there will no longer be a winner. The aim will be to get as creative as you possibly can, just for the sake of it.

As we can't find a reliable way to upload your pictures straight to the @leedsphotohunt twitter feed, please now upload your pictures yourself and use the hashtag #photohunt so other people can see them. If you need help uploading, send a message to @leedsphotohunt and we'll try and talk you through it.

Photos for virtual photohunt are also more than welcome in the flickr group - just search 'leeds photohunt' and you'll see the group.

Thanks for your patience whilst we've been trying to iron out all the difficulties!

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