Thursday, 11 August 2011


We've been hoofing around town for several months now, but we always meet in an evening. We're aware that this makes it difficult for some people, and isn't all that welcoming to kids and families.

With this in mind, we're creating the first ever leedsphotohunt family day!

On 21st August we'll be meeting outside Leeds City Museum at 1pm, and teams will be given two special hunts - one will be a special themed photohunt, and the other will be clues that you need to solve to take the pictures (you'll probably need a smartphone or a massive brain for this bit)

You can choose which (or both!) photohunt you do, but we're hoping there will be enough of a range that everyone from Grandma to toddler can take part. There won't be a set time limit like normal hunts, so you can take it at your own pace, and upload your results into the flickr group when you're happy with them.

All you need to bring is a camera and comfy shoes, the rest will be completely free!

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